Purpose: Our purpose is to bring out the full potential and powerful impact that a dancer can make.

Mission: MK Dancing strives to instill in students: a passion that creates joy and discipline that creates a determination. An environment to feel the freedom of dance: “the most wonderful relaxation in the world.”; even while physically performing a challenging art form. Allowing students of all ages to feel they are a part of something beautiful and meaningful while feeling loved and appreciated. The well-rounded curriculum of dance history, technique, health, performance, and character is essential to our dance experience.

Vision: The future of MK Dancing is to build up a dance company in the community of Appomattox, Virginia. Giving dance education to families that is an affordable family-friendly environment will continue to be our goal. Where students create lasting memories, friendships, and feel that they made an impact with their dancing. We hope to build strong, confident dancers prepared for the steps of life, in and out of the studio. We are instilling in them love, passion, and appreciation for dance and leading by example in the character of our work.