Registration Information

To register your student for dance:

1. click on Class Registration

2. type in password: signmeup

3. fill in the blanks and apply

4. After registering on our website please allow, 24 – 48 hours on weekends and 48 – 72 on weekends and holidays to recieve an email from mkdancingllc@gmail.com to update you on your registration status. We will contact you by email (mkdancingllc@gmail.com) with class details and season information after we have approved the application.

MK Dancing is not required to accept all registration applicants. Applicants are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. We have a limited amount of student spots.

Waiting List

No waiting lists for online students starting in the Spring 2021 session. 

If an in-studio class you are interested in is full you will be put on the waiting list. However, starting Spring 2021, we will give students on an in studio waiting list the option to go online with us. We will send you a confirmation email. If an in studio spot become available, we will notify you through email. Make sure to respond before the deadline that is given to you in the email! (Our contact information is under “Contact” on the website)


A liability form must be signed and approved before a student can participate at MK Dancing. This form will be emailed to you. A parent or legal guardian must sign it before the student can start class.

Policies and the honor code must be selected to agree to on the registration application to be considered. So, please make sure you read and agree to all the terms on this page.


MK Dancing accepts payment in cash, check, and online. All invoices are sent to your email. You can pay online directly from your invoice, mail your check, or drop-off your payment in person (at this time you will have to contact us to drop off a payment). If you choose to pay in cash, it must be in exact change in an envelope labeled “MK Dancing”. If you choose to write a check, make it out to MK Dancing. If you choose to pay online there is a small convenience fee to pay. A notice about this percentage is listed on your invoice.

Refunds will not be given for missed classes, injury in class, costumes, recital fees, or to an unsatisfied parent or student without an approved reason by the director. The director will give refunds for necessary causes as listed: an illness or injury that prevents the student from completing the rest of the dance season. Must have a doctor’s report of health — a dance family who has to move during the dance season and will be unable to commute.

Due to so many inactive registrations, we require all families to pay one month’s tuition as soon as the registration is confirmed. You will have a week to pay the partial tuition; otherwise, their spot will go to the next student. Late fees and any previous unpaid payments are applied in addition to down-payments. We do not want our families to pay any additional fees to the tuition, only a down payment to the classes! This fee is non-refundable & non-negotiable. Follow calendar for billing schedule. REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNTIL DOWN-PAYMENT INVOICE IS PAID.

We offer one-time and monthly payment options:

1. One-time payments must be received by the first day of the student’s class. Down-payment deducted. Sent two weeks prior to the first week of dance.

2. Monthly payments must be received by the first day of the student’s class each month. Down-payment deducted. Sent two weeks in advance before payment is due.


Events & Recitals

Students are not required to participate in performances but are highly encouraged to participate. If your student is not able or opting out of participating in an event or recital, please notify the director by the set deadline for the season. If the director is not notified, costume and event fees will NOT be applied, due to the no return costume policy and our payment deadlines for events. When recital information is available you will recive a short recital form to fill out. This must be completed before deadline given.

Dance families and students are asked to please take our events as a serious commitment. It requires a lot of time, people, patience, and so much more to put each event together. If a family or student cannot cooperate, you will be asked to walk away from the event with no refund.

If your student struggles with performance, please take your concerns to the director.

Dress Code

In Studio: Students MUST take their street shoes off and put their shoes, in their dance bag or on the closet in the waiting room before entering into the dance space.

We take our dress code seriously for the benefit of our students. If your student is out of dress code, we will send a dress code report card home. This is given to the student at the end of class and is never pointed out or addressed in front of others. It is just a friendly reminder that we want to see our students be responsible for their uniforms for class. Here are some of the reasons we implement a dress code:

  1. It helps instructors see the alignment and positioning of dancers. Loose and restricting clothing makes corrections harder to find/fix, creating bad habits that can be hard to break.

  2. It helps create the discipline to be responsible for uniform and its importance. It creates fewer distractions and helps the dancer to focus.

  3. It helps each class feel more like a team. Being in uniform and not street clothes make students feel like a dancer. The more unified the look of the group/team, the easier to spot mistakes and make corrections quickly.

  4. It helps boost confidence when all participate in the uniform. No student feels out of place or uncomfortable for not looking the part.

  5. TIP: Dedicate ONE dance outfit specifically to class. It helps the student recognize that it’s time to focus on dance.


We rent our dance space. We move in and out of the facility. Therefore, we cannot provide all the looks and amenities of a dance studio for this reason. We are grateful to have space to hold our classes. So, please be sure to clean up after yourself in the parking lot, on the lawn, and inside the building. We want to have a clean space for our dance families. Please be safe and look out for children when pulling into the parking lot. Any persons who cause damage to the building or studio equipment will be held responsible.

Smoking is prohibited on-site and in the facility.

Family and friends may wait in the parent waiting room, parking lot, or leave until the class is completed.

EVERYONE (students, parents, guests, and staff) MUST take their street shoes off before entering into the dance space. Rocks, mud, rain, and other outside materials tracked in on shoes are damaging to the dance floor.


If inclement weather permits us from being in the studio, you will either receive a live class link or a makeup class link that will be pre-reorded.

Updates will be emailed out to families. Decisions on weather will be made by 12:00 p.m.

Studio Pick- up & drop-off

When you drop off your student, they must be checked in on our kiosk with your family’s security code. Anyone picking up or dropping off the student must know their code. If they are ten years or older, they may check themselves in class. No student may be dropped off until 15 minutes before class begins. No student may check themselves out of class until they can drive themselves to class.

When picking up your student from class, please sign them out through our kiosk. If you need to dismiss your student early, please let someone know in the office. Please wait as we dismiss students and for everyone’s safety, remain in the lobby until students are sent out to you. If you are waiting for an extended amount of time or are late picking your student up, please ask someone at the desk to come in and get your student, after you have checked the student out on the system.

Student Placement

Placement is the assignment the instructor sees as the best fit class option for your student. Your child’s age or grade does not always define what class level best suits your student.

– First time dancing age 9 and under: register by age

– First time dancing age 10 and up: speak with director to choose the best path in the curriculum (mkdancingllc@gmail.com)

– Danced before age 7 and under: register by age

– Danced before age 8 and up: speak with director to set up placement meeting (mkdancingllc@gmail.com)

Current dance families at MK Dancing are to follow the instructor placement for your student, if your student is enrolled in more than one class. If you ever want an update on your student’s progess, contact their instructor.

The MK Dancing Student

These rules apply to online (virtual) and in studio students.

  • Students must use the restroom before class begins.

  •  Student’s hair must be pulled back out of face before class. If the student’s hair is short pin back with Bobbi pens or wear a headband.

  • No jewelry is acceptable except small stud earrings.

  • Students with Fitbits or similar devices are not to mess with them during class. If it becomes a distraction they will be asked to store it in their dance bag.

  • Students are to silence cell phones or any electronic devices before they enter their class. NO cell phones or any electronic devices are to be out during class.  Online, students must keep their devices off camera. In the studio, students MUST keep devices in their dance bag. Otherwise, the device will be deemed a distraction and stored in the office safe until class is over.

  • Students will be required to follow the studio honor code (written on the end of the registration form).

  • Students may not chew gum and eat during class. If a student is chewing gum they will be asked to dispose of it. If food is out, the student will be asked to take it out of the classroom/dance space, or store it in dance bag.

  • Do not wear dance shoes outside.

  • Students must follow dress code.

  • No food, candy, cards, or gifts are to be distributed to students in the classroom.

  • In the studio, ONLY water bottles are acceptable in the classroom. All other drinks will have to stay outside of the dance space.

  • A student with an injury needs to come and observe their classes.

  • In-studio students: If you or anyone in your household is sick. Do not come to class. You can participate in class online.

  • When arriving at the studio keep in mind that students can get worn out and bored waiting too long for their class. We recommend not arriving until 15 minutes before class. As previously stated, students can’t be dropped off to the studio until 15 minutes before class. Students and families must wait in the lobby until the instructor comes to get the students at the start of class time until then they are your responsibility.

The Part-Time MKD Student

  • Part-time students are any student who is participating in a session that is 8 weeks or less. All policies listed below are just for those students and their families. 

We highly recommend being a part-time student if:

    • The student wants to try dance for the first time.

    • Student enjoys dancing, but can’t commit the entirty of the season to their class/classes.

    • A short, easy, fun receational dance expirience.

    • The student has other extracurricular commitments.

    • The student wants to dance with no performance opportunities or extra fees.

    • Part-time students can be online or in person.

Payments for sessions are only accepted as one-time:

    • Down-payment 50% paid at the time of regisration. (read more under payments)

    • Other 50% Tuition paid by first class.

Part-time students have no commitments.

Chance2Dance funding is not available for part-time students.

No full refunds of any kind.

Partial (50%) refunds are availabe, if payor requests payment exactly 24 hours after first class. Students then cannot continue with the program.

If you choose to be an in studio student, we will send a link recording to any missed classes. There are limited spaces available for in person part-time students.

If you choose to be an online student, you can work at your own pace on your own time. Links to recordings will be sent out 24 hours after class.

All other studio rules are applied in addition to what is listed above. The above rules being an exception for part-time students.

Student Participation

Full-Time Students (participating in a session 8 weeks or more): Attendance in classes are an essential part of your student’s progress. If your student misses three or more classes in a row, the student will be removed from class with no refund.

Full-Time Students (participating in a a session 8 weeks or more) with performance commitments: The above policy is applied to all students participating in any performance opportunity as these things take a lot of dedication and preparation from the student.  Rehearsals are mandatory. Students are excused only if they notify the office of sickness or family emergency.

Notify us about any absences so that it doesn’t count against the student.

Any student who cannot complete the season with us needs to notify us. (see payments) Remember, down-payments cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Possible payments may need completing.

We do care about your student’s attendance and participation with us.

Class Participation

For classes ages 9 and under, we must have at least six in person students enrolled with active participation to keep the class available. If we do not receive 6 or more registrations for the class, the class will be canceled, and you will be refunded. This policy is in place to be able to create the right environment for your student for them to feel a part of a class. This number has proven to help understanding, confidence, focus, and determination, all qualities we want for our students in our classroom environment.

In Studio Security

MK Dancing has a kiosk security system. After your student is enrolled, you will receive a personal 4-digit code for your student(s). ANYONE dropping-off or picking-up your student must know your student’s code. WE WILL NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE.

You will enter your code on the provided iPad and follow the steps on the screen. You can update who is on your security list by emailing us names and phone numbers of those individuals. We will take your security information from your registration form.

The front door will be locked during classes. The door will only be unlocked 15 minutes before classes and 15 minutes before time to dismiss. If you need to exit the building while the door is locked, please notify the office staff. If you need to come in at any time during class ring the bell for assistance.

We have a fire, weather, injury, illness, and safe studio policies in place in case of any emergencies. The studio will have drills for procedures. We will do everything in our power to keep our students safe.